PITCOPetrolimex International Trading Joint Stock Company is a member of Vietnam National Petroleum Import Export Corporation, one of the largest ones in Vietnam. In the process of improving for Vietnam’s entering WTO, with the financial support from Vietnam National Petroleum Import – Export Corporation, PITCO has been successfully operating in the field of import-export as well as processing agricultural products, and step by step producing high-economic-value products under the trade name PITCO. PITCO is one of Vietnam’s fifteen reliable exporters selected by Ministry of Trade.

In 1999, PITCO invested steam sterilized facility which is fully imported from Ventilex- Netherland with capacity of 2000 tones Steam Sterilized product per year. Our factory located at Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, 60 km from Hochiminh City. Our main products  are black pepper and white pepper all of grades such as black pepper 200gr/l, 300gr/l, 500gr/l, 550gr/, 600gr/l, black pepper ASTA unsteam and ASTA steam wash, white pepper double wash. Exporting capacity is 15,000 Mt per year, we are one of biggest exporters who specialize in exporting pepper in Vietnam.

Production capacity: 6 container 20’FCL  ASTA /steam steriized per day.

In 2013, PITCO invested and built 1st Pepper Sterilizer Processing Factory in Vietnam. The factory is supplying, installing of Steam Sterilizer System and Fluidizer Bed Dryer Equipments, dynamic power, instrumentation system and consultancy for plant construction detailed design.

In 2016, continuously expanding branches and investing innovation, high tech and ecosystem manufacturing. PITCO – Spices Division hired Mai Truong as its Market Research; Business Development & Strategies Consultant. Mai Truong did market research on sustainability manufacturing system, proposed and built from the ground up a new manufacturing plant focused on sustainability consumer products which was the first sustainable food processing and manufacturing LEED V3 facility built in Asia.  She was also a Project Lead where she collaborated with internal and external teams and developed the strategy to launch a new product in Asia and the US. and Project Lead to develop sustainability manufacturing ecosystem project, it was the first food processing & packaging manufacturing in Asia.

Positioning prestigious, brand name, Foods Processing & Packaging quality in customers all over the world. -Member of Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA) and American Spice Trade Association, Inc (ASTA) -Partnership with various partners in many countries around the world such as United States of America, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, China, Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand… -Foods Processing and Packaging for U.S, Japan,  Korea, Canada markets.

• In 2018, Pitco inaugurated sustainability manufacturing ecosystem – LEED V3. First batch production designated to Japan; Canada and Hong Kong markets.

• Integrate environmental consideration into our business planning and decision making processes, new manufacturing  methods and acquisitions

•Reduce transportation-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

• Reduce the cumulative carbon footprint of products

•Low carbon prevent pesticide residue free • Waste reduction packaging Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

•Low VOC paints & coatings

• Optimizing resource in-house sanitation, pest control, GMP programs and traceability.

• Increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste

• Water conservation

• Renewable Energy

• Supply chain Transparency and Traceability


•Processing: Raw pepper – Pre-cleaning – removing stone – grading by aerodynamics and spiral – washing by steaming – Drying –  grading by aerodynamics and spiral – store – weighting – packing – finished.

•Capacity: 100 tons/shift

•Pepper material is inserted into hopper and bucket conveyor to loading into PRE-CLEANER to Removing extraneous matter or impurities through careful, Large fan enhance separating effect., Dust and immature grain and remove by aspirator.

•Pre-cleaning Impurities working based on aerodynamic principles, the principle of separating the principle of weight and divide the volume. Therefore, screening of impurities can be separated for about 90% of impurities in pepper and include smaller impurities pepper, pepper larger impurities and pepper lighter impurities (including dust).

•In addition, equipped with magnetic system, the machine also works to separate the steel and raw materials. Pepper after leaving raw material impurities sieve sizes ranging from 2.5 mm to 6.5 mm.