DESCRIPTION                  A white, a Pink, fine granular, crystalline substance manufactured by vacuum evaporation of chemically purified brine.  The brine is obtained by dissolving sea salt, which has been crystallized from seawater.  Product conforms to standard of identity for food grade cooking and table salt as set forth in the Food Chemicals Codex.  Product shall be prepared and packaged according to current good manufacturing practices.

PACK SIZE                       Varies

INGREDIENTS                  Sea Salt – Pink Salt

 ALLERGENS                               CONTAINS:  N/A

              Other allergens present in the factory/ equipment: N/A

SHELF LIFE                     Indefinite

STORAGE                        Ambient Temperatures; Store in a cool, dry place.

PACKAGING                    Immediate:  PET bottle and polypropylene cap with tamper evident seal

LABEL                              Our Brands – Private Label Brands

KOSHER                           Certified Kosher by KSA


SUITABLE FOR:               Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegans.

GMO STATUS:                 NON-GMO

CODE                               Best-If-Used-By date printed on bottle or cap

APPEARANCE                  White or Pink to slightly off-white coarse granules.

TEXTURE                         Coarse, crystalline, free-flowing; characteristic of product.    

FLAVOR/ODOR                Salty; typical of the product.  Free from any off-flavors or off-odors.

CHEMICAL                       Sodium Chloride                99.8%, dry basis

                                         Calcium & Magnesium         0.03% – 0.08%

                                         Sulfate                                     NMT 0.13%

                                         Heavy Metals                         NMT 2 ppm

                                         Moisture                                 NMT 0.08%