Our manufacturers are offshore in South East Asia and Europe; and we always looking for low cost for our customer with high quality. Our direct sourcing gives us a distinct and competitive advantage that allows us total control in our process, from the fields to finished products with rigorous standards are in place to ensure that high quality is maintained throughout the entire production process, from the raw ingredient stage to the store shelf.

Our Manufacturers are proud and committed to offer exemplary Private Label  service, with knowledge, experience and dedication to exact your needs and specification. We work closely with our customers’ R&D and Marketing teams in order to answer to their needs, we offer rapid sample turnaround along with providing immediate response to your document requests. We cater to a diverse customer base where no project is too small and no order is too big.

Our Premium product line 100 % Sustainable from harvest to Shelves. Our products is a sustainable system design for a security of the supply of food, health, safety, affordability, quality, a strong food industry in terms of jobs and growth and, at the same time, environmental sustainability, in terms of issues such as climate change, biodiversity, water and soil quality.

We provide Sustainable Foods Supply Chains, using the method sustainable sourcing of raw material to Sustainable Manufacturing to Eco-Friendly Spices products. Our High Quality raw materials directly from Farmers in Vietnam, India and China and from Fair Trade companies that share our values regarding respect for human right, ethics, and environmental responsibility with certification programs to make our products more sustainable. Reducing roasting energy use in our U.S. operations by working with employees to run grinding equipment more efficiently.

Reducing transportation-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from manufacturing facility operations owned and operated fleet of vehicles.

Sustainable manufacturing ecosystem facility:

  • 20% are local materials within 500 miles
  • 20% recycled content from rebar, steel structure & other materials
  • 75% of construction wastes will be diverted
  • Dual flush toilets with 3L-4.5L
  • Sensor lavatory tap at 0.38L per cycle
  • High SRI roofing material used to reduce heat island effect-roof
  • Low VOC paints & coatings
  • Organic raw material
  • CO 2 Footprint
  • Environmental responsibility

We use Air showers in our Spices Sustainability Manufacturing Ecosystem facility to keep Food production and lab animal breeding areas clean and also minimize egress of hazardous substances and allergens from the controlled environment with energy efficient.

Key benefits:

  1. Disposable pre-filter
  2. SS air nozzles
  3. Reduced vibration
  4. Energy Efficient
  5. Microprocessor controller
  6. High-velocity shower jets
  7. Emergency stop buttons

We commitment to quality is relentless and extends beyond the Quality Team. Management promotes proactive Quality Assurance that empowers and encourages all employees to take ownership, ensuring a continuous improvement program. We participate in the Global Food Safety Initiative and are BRC-certified. Rigorous standards are in place to ensure that high quality is maintained throughout the entire production process, from the raw ingredient stage to the store shelf.