“Every one of us is unique, with different passions, strengths and goals. Knowing our strengths and how to best leverage them, along with what to watch out for, enables us to develop, grow and succeed” Mai Truong.

Mai Truong is Vietnamese native, grew up in France, graduated A.A. in Banking -& Stock Exchange with major Accounting; B.A. with major International Business Development in 1989 and M.B.A in Finance  & Business Management  Learning distance Edinburgh Business School in 2005.  Mai Truong acquired her professional experiences in 3 different continents: Europe – South East Asia – North America.  Mai Truong is a results-driven business executive with 25+ years ‘experience, maximizing profit potential for large-scale international businesses through innovative leadership, market research, business analysis, business development for new market and products, and identification of new business opportunities.

In her previous experiences she developed new product concepts and implemented new business and finance models. Managed International Trade Finance activities “Portfolio of 250 KM included Lines of credit, Bank guarantee, standby letter of credit, bill discounting, trust receipt, foreign exchange facilities. Built financial model for new Market annual international budget by interfacing with the market managers and international financial team.


Mai Truong started her first jobs at Usinor Sacillor Group – France – 2nd worldwide Steel Company, as Regional Sales Manager in   Middle East/South East Asia for about 3 years. In 1993, she left the company for career opportunity.  During the  Infrastructure, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in South East Asia in the 1990’s to 2010, Mai Truong became business partnerships with Top 500 fortunes companies such as Colgate Palmolive – France;  Kao’s Group – U.S.; Laboratoire Fumouze – Carter & Wallace France; Rivoire&Carret Lustucru; Cadburry “Poulain” France; Kraft – Asia. She designed business model, successfully developed and promoted business activities and  products launched for Vietnam market;  she also developed her own product – Instant Powder Milk “Ton-Lait”.

She open-minded, often coming up with new and interesting ideas. She enjoy novelty and innovation. She is always looking to find a new angle — an idea that no one’s tried before. Possessing excellent communication skills with good knowledge in Key Accounts Management, New Business Development, Sales Management, Supply Chain Management and Vendor Management.

Early 2014, she did market research on sustainability manufacturing system, proposed and built from the ground up a new manufacturing plant focused on sustainability consumer products which was the first sustainable food processing and manufacturing LEED V3 facility built in Asia.  She was also a Project Lead where she collaborated with internal and external team and we developed the strategy to launch a new product in Asia and the US. She also participated in ongoing business development efforts by managing client satisfaction and promoting the brand developing marketing and communication plans. She was an active ownership and accountability for all assigned development and operational projects from kick off through launch.

She supported the project leadership team and multiple clients including communication and recommendations pertaining to R&D, production, package designs, logistic, cost and margin analysis and supply chain strategies including implementing network distribution and pricing in addition to new product development. She developed project schedules, cross-functional deliverables and detailed timelines. identified and managed project priorities and project dependencies, formulated risks, resources and presenting with leadership. Organized cross-functional cost reduction workshops for innovative concepts generation for new product launch and opportunities for product cost reduction.