DESCRIPTION: Onion Flake – Crush – Powder prepared from fresh, mature, sound and clean wholesome white onion bulb of the family Allium cepa.   One pound of powder is equivalent to 8 pounds of raw white onions.

SIZE:                      Flake – Crush – Powder

     ALLERGENS                               CONTAINS:  N/A

                                             Other allergens present in the factory/ equipment: N/A

SHELF LIFE                     24 months

STORAGE                        Ambient Temperatures; Store in a cool, dry place.

PACKAGING                    Immediate:  PET bottle and polypropylene cap with tamper evident seal

                                             Secondary:  Printed corrugated carton

LABEL                              Our Brands or Private Label.

KOSHER                           Certified Kosher by KSA


SUITABLE FOR:               Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegans.

GMO STATUS:                 NON-GMO

CODE                               Best-If-Used-By date printed on bottle or cap

APPEARANCE                  Creamy white, uniformly ground powder

TEXTURE                         Characteristic of powdered product.

FLAVOR/ODOR                Characteristic pungent flavor and odor, typical of the product.  Free from any off-flavors or off-odors.