DESCRIPTION                  A powdered spice prepared from the dried inner bark of various evergreen trees belonging to the genus Cinnamomum.

PACK SIZE                      Any size

FILL                                 Shall be at least equal to stated net weight or volume.  Fill control to be maintained to assure compliance with National Bureau of Standards regarding prepackaged commodities.

     INGREDIENTS                  Cinnamon

     ALLERGENS                           CONTAINS:  N/A

                Other allergens present in the factory/ equipment: N/A

SHELF LIFE                     24 months

STORAGE                        Ambient Temperatures; Store in a cool, dry place.

PACKAGING                    Immediate:  PET bottle and polypropylene cap with tamper evident seal

                                             Secondary:  Printed corrugated carton

LABEL                             Our Brands – Private Label Brands

KOSHER                          Certified Kosher by KSA

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN      Vietnam – India – Indonesia

SUITABLE FOR:               Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegans.

GMO STATUS:                 NON-GMO

CODE                              Best-If-Used-By date printed on bottle or cap

APPEARANCE                 Reddish brown ground powder with a smooth, not gritty, texture. Stick 3 or 5 inches

TEXTURE                         Characteristic of stick or ground product.

FLAVOR/ODOR                Sweet, aromatic and slightly pungent flavor and odor, typical of the product.  Free from any off-flavors or off-odors.

PHYSICAL                       5% max on USS #50

                                        60% min through USS #100

CHEMICAL                       Volatile Oil                  1.75% min

                                        Moisture                  14.0% max

                                        Acid Insoluble Ash                    1.0% max

                                        Total Ash                    5.0% max

METAL CONTAMINATION: Free from metal contamination verified during processing by passing product through a metal detector.  Sensitivity checked at regular intervals for proper function.