We are not only Spices food processing manufacturer but we also are top 5 worldwide Peppercorn supplier. The factory is supplying, installing of Steam Sterilizer System and Fluidizer Bed Dryer Equipments, dynamic power, instrumentation system and consultancy for plant construction detailed design.


•Processing: Raw pepper – Pre-cleaning – removing stone – grading by aerodynamics and spiral – washing by steaming – Drying –  grading by aerodynamics and spiral – store – weighting – packing – finished

•Capacity: 100 tons/shift

•Pepper material is inserted into hopper and bucket conveyor to loading into PRE-CLEANER to Removing extraneous matter or impurities through careful, Large fan enhance separating effect., Dust and immature grain and remove by aspirator.

•Pre-cleaning Impurities working based on aerodynamic principles, the principle of separating the principle of weight and divide the volume. Therefore, screening of impurities can be separated for about 90% of impurities in pepper and include smaller impurities pepper, pepper larger impurities and pepper lighter impurities (including dust).

•In addition, equipped with magnetic system, the machine also works to separate the steel and raw materials. Pepper after leaving raw material impurities sieve sizes ranging from 2.5 mm to 6.5 mm.

Supply all kinds of pepper

DESCRIPTION                  The spice product prepared from the dried berry called peppercorn from the perennial vine Piper nigrum L.  Immature (green or greenish yellow) peppercorn is picked, fermented for a few days and then dried in kilns.  During the drying, it shrivels and becomes wrinkled and black.T: Whole Peppercorn – Crack – Crush – Ground fine

PACK SIZE                       Varies from individual to family value size to food services bags.

 INGREDIENTS                  Black pepper

 ALLERGENS                      CONTAINS:  N/A

                             Other allergens present in the factory/ equipment: N/A

SHELF LIFE                     24 months

STORAGE                        Ambient Temperatures; Store in a cool, dry place.

PACKAGING                    Immediate:  PET bottle and polypropylene cap with tamper evident seal                                            

LABEL                              Label copy shall conform to current Smart & Final approved label.

KOSHER                           Certified Kosher by KSA

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN      Vietnam – India – Indonesia

SUITABLE FOR:               Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegans.

GMO STATUS:                 NON-GMO

CODE                               Best-If-Used-By date printed on bottle or cap

APPEARANCE                  Speckled grayish black granules; whole peppercorn; cracked; crush; ground fine.

TEXTURE                         Characteristic of loosely ground product.