Air shower is the necessary passage when people/goods enter into cleanroom, and it functions as a airlock room to close cleanroom. To reduce the dust particles which people/goods bring into cleanroom, the clean air which is purified by HEPA filter spray to people/goods from each direction, which remove the dust particles quickly and efficiently, removed dust particles will be purified by pre filter and HEPA filter, and then to be sent to air shower area.


1. The system is auto controlled and auto run, the double door is electronically interlocked, and Photoelectric sensor is equipped.

2. The body of air shower is made from cold rolled sheet, powder coating.

3. Doors, base plate, spray nozzle are made from stainless steel.

4 . The design is modular, it is easy to transport and assemble.

5. Air shower time is adjustable from 10 to 99s, and finished air shower time is showed.

6. Pre filter and HEPA filter are used to purify air.

7. The speed of nozzle is at least 30m/s, it is at least 18m/s when It reaches people/goods.

8. The air shower is sealed by EVA.