Our main office is located in the center of Beverly Hills Southern California.

We are a wholesale company that offers the highest quality and distribute full line of products of Spices throughout nationwide . We  provide private-label spices for many businesses, restaurants, and other retail outlets. Our packaging facility is FDA inspected and can handle your requirements.

Our Manufacturer is located in Vietnam – India – Indonesia – Canada and Europe. We pride ourselves on our passion for food, which we improve our spices products with our Production, R&D and culinary teams to serve families around the world enjoy and rely on every day .

We create made to order, customized products and Reduce/Reuse/Recycle packaging. We working to reduce transportation-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from our Manufacturing facility operations owned and operated fleet of vehicles.

We have established  a sustainable business strategies, conducting high conservation value and social impact assessments, deliver tangible and lasting benefits to the supply chain.


Premium price: Manufacturing Prices, our manufacturers are not only food processors manufacturer but they are also raw material suppliers. Products supply directly from our farm community to your door

•High quality products: Selective products

•Agricultural input supply

•Supply Guarantee with trace-ability from farm fields to our in-house facilities and your door

•Sustainable supply chain from agricultural to your door •Delivery on time as per schedule by using transport metrics

•Holding inventory by third party storage in the U.S and lower the supply chain costs

• We have new Trade Mark registered in the U.S. design only for the U.S. market.