Purpose Sustainable brands that are authentic in creating a positive contribution to society while focusing on the delivery of great products and services are outgrowing other competitors. A product should first be defined by its quality and price competitiveness — any sustainability claims or “green” qualities should be the cherry on top.

In 2016, continuously expanding branches and investing innovation, high tech and ecosystem manufacturing. PITCO – Spices Division hired Mai Truong as its Market Research; Business Development & Strategies Consultant. Mai Truong did market research on sustainability manufacturing system, proposed and built from the ground up a new manufacturing plant focused on sustainable consumer products which was the first sustainable food processing and manufacturing LEED V3 with 3’s R “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” facility built in Asia.  She was also a Project Lead of the construction of the Green Factory, where she collaborated with internal and external teams and developed the strategy to launch a new product in Asia and the US. and Project Lead to develop sustainability manufacturing ecosystem project, it was the first food processing & packaging manufacturing in Asia.

Integrate environmental consideration into our business planning and decision making processes, new manufacturing methods and acquisitions Reduce transportation related to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


  • Shuttle bus provided from factory to local bus stops.
  • Bicycle parking & shower available for bikers.
  • Reserved parking for low emission vehicles
  • 20,000 sqft of landscape
  • Water saving up to 40%
  • Inter-planted Bucida molineti trees, these shade trees alongside the Pepper plantation. These trees will create a microclimate for growing pepper by reducing evapotranspiration.
  • Cement blocks are used to reduce storm water run-offs
  • High SRI roofing material used to reduce heat island effect-roof.


  • We inter-planted Bucida molineti trees, these shade trees alongside the Pepper plantation. These trees will create a micro climate for growing pepper by reducing evapotranspiration
  • Planting trees on agricultural land will increase above ground carbon storage and enhances biodiversity at a range of scales.
  • The combination of woody vegetation with grass and/or crops can create a wider variety of niches which can support a greater diversity of plants adapted to the different micro-climatic environments , and thereby increases microbial and fauna biodiversity.
  • The combination of woody vegetation with animals (at appropriate stocking rates) also tends to increase biodiversity as :
    • 1) animals select some plant species instead of others, and
    • 2) they unevenly fertilize the soil, creating patches of varying fertility which favor different plant species, and
    • 3) animal trampling generates micro perturbations allowing annual species to share the same plot than perennials


Our finished products focused on Premium and affordable Price, quality, safe, nutrient, flavor, appearance and consistency, based on 5 key factors:

1.Sustainable agricultural: Partnership with famer community – environmental impacts Premium price – Market guarantee – Secured supply – Harvest quality forecast

2.In-house treatment, processing and grinding facilities:  No Intermediate – Traceability – full control & less risk of contamination – High quality flavor products

3.Sustainable development and supply chain: Reduce waste packaging – less volume – recycling – low-carbon Transport

4.Sustainable warehouse management: Measuring Retail networks “Distribution Centers and Remix”– globalizing logistics and warehouse pipelines

5.Sustainable supply chain in Distribution cost: Lower supply chain costs – get more benefits of truckload pricing and truckload services


Passive Features:
  • High SRI roofing & insulation material below
  • Low-E glass for windows
  • Concrete blocks for wall
Active Features:
  • All LED & T5 bulbs
  • VRV air-con system
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Electrical metering system to monitor key consumption


  • Dual flush toilets with 3L-4.5L
  • Sensor lavatory tap at 0.38L per cycle
  • Sensor urinal flush valve at 1.9L per flush


  • Waste collection and segregation
  • 75% of construction wastes will be diverted
  • 20% recycled content from rebar, steel structure & other materials
  • 20% are local materials within 500 miles


  • Fresh air supplied to all occupied areas 30% higher than required in ASHRAE 62.1
  • No smoking policy indoor
  • Low VOC paints & coatings
  • Daylighting and views for most of occupied areas


Air shower is the necessary passage when people/goods enter into cleanroom, and it functions as a airlock room to close cleanroom. To reduce the dust particles which people/goods bring into cleanroom, the clean air which is purified by HEPA filter spray to people/goods from each direction, which remove the dust particles quickly and efficiently, removed dust particles will be purified by pre filter and HEPA filter, and then to be sent to air shower area.

  1. The system is auto controlled and auto run, the double door is electronically interlocked, and Photoelectric sensor is equipped.
  2. The body of air shower is made from cold rolled sheet, powder coating.
  3. Doors, base plate, spray nozzle are made from stainless steel.
  4. The design is modular, it is easy to transport and assemble
  5. Air shower time is adjustable from 10 to 99/s, and finished air shower time is showed.
  6. Pre filter and HEPA filter are used to purify air.
  7. The speed of nozzle is at least 30m/s, it is at least 18m/s when It reaches people/goods.
  8. The air shower is sealed by EVA.