The Valley Spices is a U.S. based, Spices and Food Manufacturers Agent  Distribution Company, we are committed to reducing our  own environmental footprint, Quality, Partnership and Innovation in the Sustainability Foods Supply Chain.

Our manufacturers  products are Eco-Friendly highest and finest quality products, our spices  are Private Labels and Consumer products brands.

We work closely with our customers’ R&D and Marketing teams, Executive Management, Regional Managers, project team to develop, present and execute a customer product (brewer an service/telemetry) strategy with specific tactics to achieve the AOP for assigned customer, as measured by key performance indicators.

We offer the most competitive price compared to other food processing companies in the spices industry. Our premium price is offered thanks to our work flow.

Our products are supplied directly from our farm community to our food processing facility, which is processed by a steam sterilization method, to our sustainability manufacturing, and finally to your shelves. They produced and packaged at our partners Sustainable Manufacturing Ecosystem Facilities.

Our Manufacturers are proud and committed to offer exemplary Private Label  service, with knowledge, experience and dedication to exact your needs and specification.


  • Selling food to over 200 million people across the world, is how do we do it safely, how do we do it affordably for better living and forever ?
    • There is not much formula than we have to do it in continuous measuring and improvement, it is part of the lens of sustainability
  • Our authentic progress approach is “Measure, Improve, Measureto adopt sustaining life:
    • Improved agricultural management practices is require understanding and knowledge of how to create a sustainable global commodities system, including impacts on water quality and quantity, soil, labor intensive and fertilizer application and more. None of these challenges is easy and we will continue to review and refine our approach as our understanding develops.
  • Our sustainable business strategy is sustainable supply chains of the Food chain from agricultural production, to transport, food consumption and of course waste disposal.
  • Our Global Sourcing Program: Encourages our farmers to adopt sustainable practice, by training new cultivation techniques and support the transition efforts of farmers to end deforestation by using our new sparing land and providing them with a regular demand for high quality raw materials