When it comes to spices we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more of our in-house brands and various private label at our Sustainability Food Supply Chain facility. We offer custom grinding & blending to meet customer specifications.



The Valley Spices is a U.S-based Spices Distribution Company, our commitment to Environment, Quality, Partnership and Innovation in the Sustainability Foods Supply Chain with one of the largest Spices Raw Material Supplier in the world, name “PITCO“.

We are proud of our premier portfolio of brands that embrace Sustainability-Eco Friendly for the environment. Our products are Eco-Friendly highest and finest quality products, our Spices brands are Thom’s Spices and VA Spices are made at our Sustainable Manufacturing Ecosystem Facility.

We, also, represent Fortune 500 Foods manufacturing companies for its Closeout, Excess Inventory, and package changes for the Discount/Salvage groceries stores that sells Groceries, GM with slightly damaged packaging or short date at generous discounts. The business model creates a win-win for everybody along the food supply chain. It is specifically designed to family on a budget, living on a fixed income, to help reduce grocery wast and provide with the comfort with BIG Savings.

Our sustainable manufacturing facility  is designed to reduce waste, save energy, save water, and lower costs. Our goal is to produce and deliver spices causing little harm to the environment. By being more efficient in our work process we will be able to reduce CO2 and pollution that is being released in the air. Also, with our energy saving plans we will be able to greatly cut down the amount of electricity that is being wasted compared to a regular manufacturing facility.

Our steam sterilization process provides a more natural form of micro bacterial control than any other treatment methods. Most importantly, our processing plants provide our employees with a safe working environment, together with competitive wages and training and advancement opportunities. Our unique cryogenic milling techniques add to the enhancement process, using “artificial ice” to grind these spices at approximately -20°C, further preserving their essential flavor oils. All our milling equipment employs the latest European technology, putting it at the vanguard of safety and processing quality.

We are proud to offer an extensive wide variety of both popular spices such as Black Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon and Chili.  in many of our in-house brands and various private label, all produced and manufactured at our Sustainability Manufacturing facility. We offer custom grinding & blending to meet customer specifications.

We offer  the most competitive price compared to other food processing companies in the spices industry. Our premium price is offered thanks to our work flow. We have eliminating the “middle man”, and focused on reducing our manufacturing price. Our products are supplied directly from our farm community to our food processing facility, which is processed by a steam sterilization method, to our sustainability manufacturing, and finally to your shelves.



Together with our team of experts we have taken a leap forward in designing and constructing a sustainable manufacturing factory.  From agriculture production, to transportation, food consumption and waste disposal we have enforce a sustainable measure.

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“We pride ourselves on our passion for food, which has led us to improve on our spices product by our Production, R&D and culinary teams to serve enjoyment and reliability to families around the world.”
Mai Truong - CEO/Founder